Dec 20, 2012

getting in the "Illumine" zone

Music plays an integral part in my writing. With my dynamic stereo Sony earphones on and the volume turned up to crazy levels while my family slumbers in the middle of the night, it's a nightclub up in here.

Remember that romantic scene in The Little Mermaid where the seagull tries to serenade Ariel and Eric to kiss? You know when he's rowing the boat in the lagoon? Scuttle was setting the mood (albeit a very unsuccessful one but never mind). That's kind of like writing. For every chapter there's mood, ambiance, an atmosphere of emotions you want to convey across the page--whether it be happiness, anger, angst, whatever. To achieve that I've listened to everything from Bollywood (for a jovial scene) to reggae (to transport me back to the islands) to Ryan Farish, Owl City, and Beyonce.

At the moment I've reached a part in the story where things start to go sad for my main heroine. Like down, down. Her heart is breaking, and mine is breaking alongside with hers. This is what I'm listening to to achieve it:

Pieces by Red.

The lyrics of this song are so soul crushing and beautiful and pure and spiritual. I love the melody, every instrument played, and his raw voice. Bah! :(